Oliver Jenny is an Austrian singer and songwriter based in Munich. His art figure “Baron of Jeeenvalley” tells the story of the eccentric, nevertheless extremely empathic Baron of Jeenvalley who leaves his home, wondering on the traces of his past to conquer the world with his creative gift - pure Rock’n’Roll.

Solid, melodic but also emotional Rock accompanied by sharp-witted lyrics are the trade-mark of the charismatic songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer. The sound is determined by catchy hook lines, rock guitars, driving drums and beats and an exceptional voice turning every song into a quite special aural pleasure.

Oliver Jenny produces his songs and albums himself. Moreover, he is also active as producer of diverse Munich bands and soloprojects.

The discography of the Baron includes already a LP (“About Shellfish and Donuts”) and two EP’s („Glory Endeavours“ und „The Baron of Jeeenvalley“). Beginning of 2016, long awaited by his loyal fans, the forth album "The Mask" has been released, representing a summit in his musical voyage.

In the meantime, also radio stations have payed attention to Oliver Jenny: the songs “Run Baby Run”, „Francy“, „Seven Ways To Go“ found their way to the radio stations of EgoFM. Soon DJ-Titan Tom Novy and remixer Greg William introduced “Francy” in their “Superegoshow”, before Greg William produced a remix of “Seven Ways to Go”.

As a sing and songwriter for motion pictures, Oliver Jenny is a listed and well respected artist at Ravenred Media and Entertainment and Universal Music.


To which other artist or band Oliver Jenny could be compared to? One could assume, musical influences of the talented artist left their traces but the uniqueness of the sound only awakes associations to Oliver Jenny himself.


Unmistakable as his name.